Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review – Is it really good?


I first heard about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit from a friend. She was raving about how amazing it is and that it has completely helped her improve her makeup contouring. Then, coincidentally, I was a sent a palette by to try. So it looks like I am destined to experience the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit after all! 


By the way, you might have read other reviews so I will try and give you my opinion both as a regular consumer and also as a working model.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit has a great range of colours. I used a palette suited for darker skin tone than mine however it still looked flawless. Having 6 colours on the palette means that you can switch around according to the seasons. You can use darker tones in summer for the beach goddess in you and lighter tones for colder months where you get less sun.

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The colours are really pigmented and smooth so you don’t need a lot of product and it applies amazingly. No streaking or blotching. For daily wear, I recommend using a small amount at first and then build up as you need. You are better off building up the colour than trying to tone it down. I used an angled brush and a contour brush.

The The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit colours are long lasting and the shimmer was absolutely beautiful – perfect to highlight your cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead. Overall, this palette has great colours to compliment most skin tones.


My verdict:

Although the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit  might cost you slightly more than other palettes, you do get what you pay for. The quality is amazing, pigment is strong making it long lasting. I have paid less for other palettes but pigment is next to nothing and I ended up using more product to get the colour strong enough. This Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit palette can last me 6 months even with daily usage.

As a regular consumer: This palette is of great quality and value and is perfect for everyday use. The matte shades make it awesome for work and the shimmer is so soft that you will look professional even if you use it for uni or work.

As a model: The strong pigments mean that you can contour as light or as strong as you need to depending on the shoot theme and lighting in case you are required to do your own makeup or just for portfolio shoots. Fits in the bag but you might need to keep it in the makeup bag in case you are tossing it in with your shoes and lingerie needed for shoot.

Would I buy it? Yes, definitely!

I hope my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Review has helped you make a good decision, Happy shopping!

Much Love

M x