In the tub with Frank


No, it’s not what you think!  Lol.

I’m referring to Frank Body, a coffee scrub (with a cheeky attitude!) from Australia.  I recently had an amazing holiday in Bali! (scroll to the end for my Bali pictures).

But after so many days in my bikini and being under the sun, my skin started feeling dry. So I thought of getting Frank in the tub with me.

I scrubbed my skin with the Frank Body Cacao Coffee scrub which is rich in anti-antioxidants,  cacao extract and macadamia oil. All their scrubs are made in Australia using natural ingredients.


If you haven’t heard of this body scrub, it actually helps to moisturise and restore dry and damaged skin. Exactly what I needed. By the way, Frank does not test on animals but instead on “willing, human babes”. Lol!

What you need to do is to just wet your skin and scrub the product on your body. I spent a couple of minutes doing that in my tub to rid my skin of the dead cells and voila!

Smooth skin with a chocolate cake scent. I loved that the scent is not too strong but enough to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day! My skin looked less dry and felt luxurious.


If you’re doing this, don’t forget to apply body balm or lotion afterwards to take advantage of newly scrubbed skin.

Want to get into the tub with Frank? Shop online at Frank Body.  I tried the Cacao Coffee Frank Body, $14.90. Frank calls this “200g of tough love”. How cute!

Will you do it?

Tell me about your Bali experience. Any awesome places to stay? I stayed at Akmani Legian and watched the sunset from this club called Potato Head. Have you been there? Kuta beach was also an amazing spot to see the sun go down.


P/s: Here are some pictures from my Bali trip. I miss it already!


Woohoo! The cold water splashing on me in the hot sunny weather just feels amazing. I feel so at one with Mother Nature…


“Confessions of a Millionaire’s Mistress”. Half way through the book by the beach and enjoying the breeze.


Sigh… paradise. Such a beautiful place. Do you have a favourite spot in Bali?


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