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I’ve been following Ms. Soho on Instagram for a while now. Not only do they have a killer Instagram following (93,000 at time of review) but they seem to have amazing testimonials and ‘before and after’ photos. So, I thought I would give some of their products a go!

I bought the ‘Beautitox’, a Five Day Skin Detoxification pack, about 2 weeks ago. First, the price is definitely affordable at only $34.00, plus shipping is free within Australia for 1 to 2 items purchased. Who doesn’t love free shipping, and it was delivered super quick!

Here’s a little description of the Beautitox Pack from the Ms. Soho Website:-

Calms and soothes skin, fades any redness and blemishes, and begins to activate and regenerate cells.

Powerfully nourishes skin to reduce fine lines, restore firmness and promote anti-ageing.

Extracts grime and dirt from the skin to thoroughly detox your pores, whilst balancing oils.

Softens the harshness of skin in order to help brighten and shine the complexion.

Replenishes moisture into the skin to hydrate and refresh, whilst supplying and reserving collagen.

On opening, I was a bit confused, they come folded up in their little sachet and attached to a plastic face mask to keep their shape and make it easy to unfold. Not knowing this, I made a bit of a mess but eventually figured it out. The mask itself is quite durable so it’s hard to tear and easy to put on. Once you find the little eye holes, the rest just kind of falls into place. It felt really nice, the mask was cool, however I expected a bit more of a scent from the masks, but then again I suppose that’s a good thing there’s not too much perfume so its also suitable for sensitive skin.  I was telling my partner a story as I applied my mask and I could see him looking at me funny, he couldn’t take me seriously with this weird white material thing on my face!

Day two I was a bit more experienced in applying the mask so I made dinner while waiting the 30 minutes to penetrate, Grape I thought had even less scent than the Aloe Vera but was still nice to rub in after the 30 minutes was up.

Day three, four and five was much of the same. My favourite was Day Four, Fig, it smelled the best out of all of them.

Results:- I didn’t really have any skin conditions or acne to start with so there wasn’t too much improvement, if anything I had more breakouts, however that could have been from the sneaky lemonade and Southern Comforts I’ve been having at night, and as for reducing fine lines and brightening of the skin I didn’t really see much of that either. It did however help to replenish moisture in my skin which is a big plus in Winter. I guess in a way I was expecting some amazing miracle product but for the price it was still nice to just pamper myself.

If you have acne or eczema give it a go, I would love to hear about your experience!

You can get your Ms Soho products here


Much Love

M x




The masks aren’t very snug fitting so you have to kind of fold the sides over a bit unless you want it in your hair.


It’s really hard to take a cute selfie with the mask on so here’s one on Day Four, the Fig.

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  1. Emily July 28, 2015 / 7:02 am

    You look so cute with your face mask on! x

    • Manda July 29, 2015 / 10:38 pm

      haha thank you! I certainly felt glamorous :S haha x

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