Smooth Operator – Jar Body

Jar Body Review

Body scrubs, face masks, essential oils, they are absolutely everywhere at the moment and flooding our Instagram feeds, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Why shouldn’t we take advantage of a more natural and gentler approach to beauty!

One of the companies bringing these amazing products into our lives is Jar Body, a Melbourne company dedicated to bringing you natural, Australian made products. They have an enormous range including soaps, clay masques, lip balm, body scrubs (in every possible scrumptious flavour you can think of) and milk bathes.  Everything you could possibly want for a self-indulgent spa experience.

All of Jar Body’s products are non-toxic, preservative and paraben free, contain Organic ingredients, are not tested on animals and the Body Scrubs and Clay Masques are Vegan!

Jar Body Milk Bathe

I decided I would give one of their products a test drive, I chose the Milan Milk Bathe Vanilla & Caramel Delight. When you receive your product it’s best to put it in an airtight container so you can keep it fresher for longer.

Jar Body Milk Bathe
When I added it to my bath (3-4 scoops) my entire bathroom was instantly filled with the most delicious vanilla and caramel aroma. It smells so good you would be forgiven for wanting to eat it!

The water was so indulgent and milky I grabbed a good book and relaxed for a good half an hour, needless to say I had a few more wrinkles when I got out. My skin was silky smooth and the smell lingered for ages!

Jar Body Review

I was also sent a packet of the Rio Juicy Watermelon Body Scrub. I gave it a go yesterday after a big workout and the first thing I noticed was the amazing scent, it smells just like a watermelon cocktail oh my gosh!

Jar Body Rio Watermelon Body Scrub

I followed the instructions I received in my package, applying it to wet skin and lightly working it into my skin in circular motions. I recently got a spray tan so I was focusing most of the product under my arms and on the inside of my elbows where spray tans tend to go quite dark and don’t come off as easily as the rest of the body. I have no doubt that my skin was smoother however I found the product to be quite abrasive and I couldn’t quite get off as much spray tan residue as I had hoped. This may be from the lack of oils in the product. I tend to find scrubs that have a high oil content work really well to remove spray tan. I also focused the scrub on my upper legs and bum, this felt a lot better than it did using it on the more sensitive parts like my inner arms. I am yet to see an improvement with cellulite and stretch marks though.

Have you tried a Jar Body product before? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you haven’t tried it yet you can get yours here :)


Much Love!

M x