My Little Beauty Secret


Open instagram, open facebook, twitter and most gossip mags and chances are you’re going to see a celebrity or blogger you admire with the same little beauty secret. Some may be keeping it under wraps and others may be shouting it from the rooftops. Today I am letting you in on my secret and I’m going to flaunt it!

I’m talking about Lip Fillers. It’s among the many increasing cosmetic beauty trends that have surfaced over the last 12 months and chances are you’ve thought about getting it done yourself. When Kylie Jenner finally admitted to getting lip injections in May this year, the demand for dermal fillers went through the roof .

With my modelling I would always notice my top lip was a lot thinner than my bottom lip and I have wanted to fix it for a while. About a year ago I had a quick consultation at a local Australian Skin Clinics and they were lovely but couldn’t show me too many before and afters as lip fillers still hadn’t taken over the market yet, so to speak. So for a while it got pushed to the back of my mind.

As months went on I noticed more girls on social media were getting it done and loving the results so I thought I would continue my research. I came across Hannah Winnet from XY Skin and Body Specialists in Westfield Garden City on facebook and had a browse through her pictures. The photos I saw looked amazing so I decided to send her a message. Hannah is super professional and lovely and by the end of the chat we had booked in a consultation for a few weeks later. I was pretty set on Hannah when she told me she did her own lips! If you trust yourself to do your own lips then you must be awesome!


Our consultation went for about 20 minutes or so and she described to me what the procedure was, the product she would use (Emervel), what to expect during the procedure and post-procedure. If you have been doing your research on lip fillers chances are you would have heard of the more popular fillers called Restylane and Juvederm. Emervel is a new filler to the market and is a lot softer than Restylane and Juvederm. It is also made from a naturally occuring substance in our body’s and plants called Hyaluronic Acid, which draws water to the area and helps create volume. There are quite a few beauty products coming out with Hyaluronic Acid as the main ingredient to help plump and hydrate the skins surface. Hannah also assured me that Emervel doesn’t cause as much brusing and swelling as the more common fillers.

After my consultation I booked in my appointment for a Friday in two weeks time. I wanted to make sure if I did get any brusing or excessive swelling that it would be reduced by the time I went back to work on Monday. September 25th came around so quickly I didn’t have time to get nervous but as I sat there in Hannah’s chair I did start to get the nervous sweats. What if I looked horrible, what if I got that horrible trout pout!


We went back over the finer details of the procedure then Hannah applied a numbing cream to my lips. This stuff is strong! It is stronger than your usual numbing cream you get for tattoo’s, this cream is used for Cosmetic Tattooing (XY do feather touch brows if you’re interested) and not available for purchase by us common folk. Emervel also has a small amount of anesthetic in the filler so once the area is injected it gets an extra numbing boost. After 15 minutes the cream is wiped off and the seat goes back. Ahhh this is when I started getting really nervous and Hannah gave me some lovely blue stress balls to hold onto.

I’m not going to lie, it hurt! Hannah describes it as the feeling of popping a large black head on your lip. The first two injections go right into the cupids bow border and that was about 30 seconds of pimple-popping pain! My eyes watered and those little stress balls were getting a workout. The borders are the most painful and once the cupids bow and the bottom border is done the rest is relatively painfree..ish. What can I say, I lived, and I would hate to have it done without the anesthetic.

Manda Wilde - Lip Fillers, before and after

Before Vs Immediately After

At first, we used a total of .9ml and had .1ml left over. I had a good look in the mirror to see if there were any areas I wanted to add to. I have naturally asymetrical lips which I hadn’t really noticed before so we used a bit more on the left side of my top lip just to bring the border up a touch. (You can see this asymetry in the before and after photo above). If you don’t use your full 1ml of filler Hannah is happy to keep the remaining for you for a month and you can come back and get a top up if decide you’d like more. After a quick (and weird) massage of the lips to even out the filler and check for any lumps I was sent off with an iceblock and a follow up appointment for 2 weeks later.

Manda Wilde, Lip Fillers


Driving home that night the anesthetic had started to wear off and my lips were becoming a bit tender. It was sore to touch and if I puckered my lips it hurt a little. I was anxious to see how they would look the next day. Chloe Morello, an awesome beauty vlogger, posted a video of her first lip fillers and the next day her lips were HUGE and bruised, I did not want to look like that! (I’m pretty sure she used Restylane). Waking up the next morning I was pleasantly surprised, they weren’t horribly bruised and swollen like I was expecting.

Manda Wilde, Lip Fillers, Day 1

The next morning

Two days later a small bruise formed above my lip on the left. Hannah did say that if bruising was to occur it would be above the injection site, strange huh? This was easily covered up with a bit of concealer. It has taken a while to get use to the feeling of the filler, it feels strange to pull my bigger lips over my teeth and whistling takes a bit more effort. You can also feel small amount of filler at the injection site which Hannah assured me this is normal, as long as you can’t see any lumps it’s fine.

Manda Wilde, Lip Fillers Day 2

Day 2, you can see a slight bruise above my lip on the right

Two weeks post op and my lips have settled nicely, I’ve gotten use to them and I’m loving my new lip shape! I had my two week follow-up appointment today, Saturday 10th October, and I was treated to a lovely, and eye-opening, medi-facial* by Lucy at XY. This is a nice little gift when you get your lips done at XY. If you are thinking of getting your lips done I can’t recommend Hannah and her girls at XY enough. If you do take the plunge, feel free to mention my name and receive $50 off your treatment!

Manda Wilde, Lip Fillers, 2 week post op

2 weeks after proceedure, lips have settled

If you have any questions about my treatment or the product please comment below and if you would like to book you can send Hannah an email:

Manda Wilde, Lip Fillers

Love wearing red lipstick even more now! This is the Red Velvet Velvetine by Limecrime Makeup

I hope you enjoyed my post and I can’t wait to hear from you!

* The medi-facial consisted of a deep cleanse then an inspection of my skin under a UV light. This was shocking! As a kid I had quite a lot of freckles and they have faded as I aged but you can see them all under this UV light. Despite using sunscreen under my makeup religiously I have quite a lot of pigmentation over my cheekbones as well as oil in my T-zone and beside my nose but what shocked me the most was my eyes. All around my eyes was dark purple that indicates they are really dehydrated. Lucy has recommended I start using a pigmentation serum called Lytera to help reverse this pigmentation damage as well as prevent further damage. I am booked in for a pigmentation peel on Monday so I’m excited to see the results. I’ll keep you posted*

Much Love

M x



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  1. barbara September 21, 2016 / 9:58 pm

    Hi! My doctor also uses Emervel, how long did it last on your lips? I heard this brand lasts longer than the other ones. I would love to hear about that and if you went and got it done again :D they look great! xo

    • Manda October 30, 2016 / 8:54 am

      Hi Barbara, I think it lasted really well! It’s been over a year now and I’m thinking of booking in again but haven’t been for a second time yet :) There’s definitely no harm in having a consult and if you get it done and you don’t like it it can be reversed.
      Thank you for the comment, let me know if you went ahead with it! xx

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