Ultimate Gift Guide this Valentines Day

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Valentines Day is just around the corner and for many February 14th is a day to celebrate and shower your partner in ridiculous, cutesy gifts. For others, it’s the day you vow to stay in, watch The Notebook and drown your sorrows in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream. If you are lucky enough to have found the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with and can’t wait to express your love this Valentines Day here’s my Ultimate Gift Guide to getting it right this Valentines Day!

I’m not going to suggest the standard cheesy crap like lingerie and chocolate, these gifts are all Unisex and perfect for just about anyone! Read on to get some gifting inspiration.


Monogrammed anything is really on trend right now, check out these beautiful monogrammed clutches and wallets


Handmade wallets by Teals Prairie & Co on Etsy


Gigi New York has the most stunning accessories from bags and wallets to diaries and passport holders. All monogrammed to match the existing hardware

Another option is to personalise your tech cases like phones and laptops with a photo. Perhaps a selfie you took together or a memory you both love, or maybe a cute drawing you created yourself.


The Dairy and Cassable both offer fully customisable cases. The Dairy have been lovely enough to offer my readers 15% off!! Just enter discount code ‘MANDAWILDE’ at the checkout :). You’re welcome.


An Experience is a gift that will last a lifetime. Instead of wasting money on flowers that will die and items that can break why not give an experience your lover will cherish forever.

RedBalloon offer a range of experiences. From Parasailing, Jetpack flights and Jet skiing to massages, facials and wine and dine packages. You’re sure to find something they will love you for.

My boyfriend recently gave me a Rally Driving experience with Rally School at Willowbank and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! Plus most action experiences have the option of buying some insanely funny footage to look back on.




If your partner is one of those people that likes to wear the same shirt till it falls apart, or perhaps they love clothes but aren’t sure what looks good on their body, maybe think about getting some professional help. There are tonnes of great stylists out there, just hop on google and find one in your area. For you those of you who live in Brisbane, my friend Megan Potter offers two styling packages. Head to her website for more information. http://www.meganpotter.com.au/.



It’s all about organic and self-sustainable living these days and if your partner is a bit of a green thumb they will probably love this idea. Sow Grow Eat can help achieve their garden goals. First you enter your location so they can find out what region you live in and then the Month you will be planting. Then a list of vegetables and herbs suitable for your location is generated based on the information given. If you’re looking for something a little easier they also sell cute ‘Herbs in a Bag’, perfect for the kitchen window. Sow Grow Eat is based on the Sunshine Coast so not only are you growing your own grub but helping to support a local business! Also, as a gift from me to you, enter code ‘vday’ for 20% off storewide. x


We’ve all seen these cute little adult colouring in books floating around, I even got my sister one for her birthday last year but this is a new age in Adult Colouring. Swear word colouring-in books! Yea! Your favourite swear words beautified and glamorised! Just download the PDF and get colouring.

Check out swearybook on Etsy for these little beauties.

asshole bullshit


Last but not least, if you want to feel really warm and fuzzy then why not donate some moolah to a charity in their honour. Just make sure it’s something they care about so it doesn’t feel like your skimping on your gift giving!

I hope you have found some inspiration for your loved one this year. I’d love to know which idea you loved the most so comment below!

Much Love

MW xx