How a facial could save your life!

c204804bdc39d1fd3a2ad725b789b90eOk that might be a little OTT, but let’s be honest, life is hard and sometimes you just wanna throw it all in and say F%#& it! I had one of these moments recently so I got in touch with the lovely ladies at Haven Beauty Bar in Morningside to see if they could bring a little spring back into my step.

It’s essential to have a good at-home skincare routine however it’s also important to indulge in a little ‘tough love’, as I like to call it every now and then as most of the intense facials require heavy duty exfoliation like microdermabrasion or peels to really penetrate the skin and target your problem areas. The products beauty therapists use are more potent and have a higher grade of active ingredients which are monitored and used only by trained professionals to deliver targeted treatments. A combination of machinery/peels and high end masques can all be used to achieve amazing results. In saying this your therapist will still give you the relaxing experience you expect, then it’s your job to maintain the results at home with proscribed actives.


Upon arriving at Haven Beauty Bar I was immediately greeted and offered refreshments, the overall feel just in reception was cozy and clean, just what you would expect to see at a high-end beauty salon. I filled out a quick customer information sheet and was almost immediately taken straight through to my treatment room with therapist Danielle. We had a quick chat about any skin concerns I had and what I was currently using at home then she left the room for me to undress and make myself comfortable. I really loved that they had a little box for my jewellery and a basket for my handbag and clothes to be tucked away during the treatment.

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After getting nice and comfy on the bed Danielle entered and began the detailed skin consultation and analysis, even with a face full of makeup she was still able to pinpoint my breakouts, excess oil, pigmentation and skin damage. After some lovely, warm towel compressions and light massage of the shoulder and neck we began the Haven Signature Facial.




 Soothing eye make-up remover – Gently removes stubborn eye make-up while silk amino acids smooth skin texture and strengthen lashes and surrounding areas


Pre Cleanse – Vitamin E and Essential fatty acid oil that will deeply cleanse your face, removing stubborn make-up while super hydrating the skin cells


Essential Cleansing Solution – infused with Vitamins C & E this creamy cleanser will refresh hard working skin whilst hydrating and plumping


Multi active toner (MIST) – Lavender, cucumber and Balm mint combine to deliver a powerful but gentle mist which pulls your next product applied deeper into the skin while balancing the PH of the skin (Extremely important for the strength of the skin)


Daily microfoliant (One of dermalogica’s top 10 products) Power couple Salicylic Acid and Papain breath new life and oxygen to all skin types, while rice enzymes and grapefruit extract brighten and even out skin tone – used under steam delivers a powerful deep cleanse and resurface without the ‘Peeling downtime’


UPGRADE – Collagen eye treatment – Freeze dried plant collagen is rehydrated on the delicate eye area – Collagen is the most common group of protein in the skin and as we age with the added bonus of stress, lack of sleep and poor dietary choices these precious fibres deteriorate and over time we are left with slack, dehydrated and wrinkled skin around the eye – the beauty of our eye area collagen is that whilst collagen is applied to the skin, it becomes supple, more even, lifted and hydrated. A definite must for any skincare regime.


UPDRAGE – Infused skin booster (Skin Renewal Booster) – targeted treatment for your skin concerns and applied under your masque to more deeply penetrate – A combination of hydroxyl acids and vitamin A will stimulate healthy skin circulation and cellular turnover improving the all over appearance of the skin


 Masque Mapping – Charcoal Rescue Masque – with activated Binchotan Charcoal, once applied to chin and nose area this masque will deeply cleanse and refine open pores. A Skin Hydrating Masque was also used to plump, hydrate and brighten the rest of the face.


Multivitamins Power Firm (Eye care product) – Support your delicate eye area early – a combination of Vitamins A & E strengthen whilst accelerating the skins natural repair process, green tea helps to soothe irritation and red seaweed will reduce fines lines and firm up the skin


Skin Smoothing Cream – Cocktail of Vitamins A, C and E plus silk amino acids delivers a medium weight moisturizer that will restore hydration and suppleness to the skin whilst improving skin texture and tone


SPF and TINT – Skin perfect Primer SPF 30 (A girls go to product for an all over healthy glow and sun protection) this multifunctional product with its non-chemical active ingredients Titanium Dioxide and Zinc will give you all day protection from the sun but even more exciting primes your skin to perfection, while Hydrolyzed Pear, with its rich amino acids, will fight glycation and enhance skins luminosity



As you can see the whole experience was very involved and with Danielle’s magic hands I’m pretty sure I nodded off at about Step 6 and I walked out feeling like a new woman! Haven Beauty Bar offer a range of facials that are bound to satisfy your needs and as you can see by my treatment they also offer optional extras like Hydrodermabrasion, Herbal Footbaths and Micro Deep Exfoliation or Infusion. Now if after reading all of this your practically drooling then keep reading because I have a treat for you!

Meghan has been so lovely as to offer my readers a few amazing discounts and packages!

With the Voucher below you will receive $10 off any treatment however this does expire on 17/4/2016, just print it off or show your screen upon arrival. And for those of you who want to experience the full personalised package they are offering the ‘Your Ultimate Skin Saviour’ package which includes the following:

Customised Facial

Charcoal Rescue Masque

Brow Sculpt and

10% off your Prescribed Homecare products on the day 

However there are only 8 of these treatments available so I suggest you book early!


So now you know the benefits, what are you waiting for? Pamper yourself, don’t feel guilty about it and let me know how your experience goes!

Much Love

MW xx

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