The Lazy Girls guide to toned arms

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I am the first to admit that motivating yourself to get to the gym is one of the hardest things to master however there’s no better feeling after finishing a good workout and looking after yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to throw out everything in your panty and start from scratch and only buying organic, free-range, vegan, preservative free blah blah blah you get it, it just takes a few conscious choices. You also don’t need the expensive gym membership to get active!

It’s just as easy to get results without trying to figure out confusing machines and the sideways glances you get at most gyms. Go for a walk around your area and you’ll be surprised at what you can incorporate into your workout. I’ve put together a few exercises for you. This first post will be focusing on arms and core and will help to tone and tighten and not break the bank.

Manda Wilde - Dips Manda Wilde - Dips










Find a bench seat or a low wall to prop yourself up on. Focus on keeping your back as close to the bench as you can and sitting up straight. Try to keep your head up or you could start leaning forward and risk putting extra strain on your arms. Lower yourself down until you bum almost touches the ground then bring yourself back up. Aim for 3 sets of 10. If you have to break it down to get to 10 do so. Give yourself a light stretch in between sets if you feel your triceps tightening up a bit by throwing one arm above your head and placing your hand between your shoulder blades, with the other arm, hold your elbow to keep your arm in the stretch then swap arms.


You can do whatever variation of push up you like however I find these incline ones to be a bit more challenging. Keep your feet about shoulder width apart and your hands just a little bit wider on the bench or ground. Alternate your pushups between each set of dips and aim for the same about of reps. This will work your biceps and through your chest. You’ll feel it the next day.


Now to mix in a bit of cardo. This excersise will get your blood pumping and your heart racing. Get down on your hands and feet, keeping your head in line with your hands, pushing most of the weight onto your shoulders. Bring one leg up to your chest as high as you can manage. Alternate legs at a fairly quick pace, keeping your bum low, no downward dog butt! Do this excersise for 30 seconds.












In a planking position on your hands and feet tap your right hand to your left shoulder and vice versa. Aim for 3 sets of 10, it can help to break it up between each set of mountain climbers. Remember to keep your core engaged to stop your hips from swaying and dipping. By the end you should feel a good burn through your shoulders and abs.


Finish the routine off with a good ol’ plank for as long as you can hold it. Focus on your breathing and maybe a blade of grass or a lone ant to keep your mind off the burn. You can push back and forth on your toes a bit too if you find it helps. Just remember to keep your bum down, back flat and your weight pushed forward onto your shoulders a bit. Record your best time for the plank and try to better it next time.


Try this routine for a few weeks in conjunction with walking or light jogging, even with this small routine you should start to see changes and your body will thank you for it.

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