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Welcome back to Part 2 of my Lazy Girls Guide workouts! How did you go with Part 1? I’m sure your arms felt a bit like jelly after the first few rounds but without a doubt with continuous exercise you’ll be rocking those tight toned triceps in no time! This guide is all about toning up your legs so read on for your first steps to that famous Queen B butt.


Lazy Girl Guid booty workout Lazy Girl Guid booty workout











Don’t underestimate the power of the good ol’ fashion squat. There are many variations you can do however to start off we will stick with the standard squat, legs shoulder width apart, keeping a straight back and trying to keep your knees from going too far in front of your toes as you lower. Make sure you really squeeze your glutes at the top of the squat and go as deep as you can handle, making sure not to allow your bum to tuck in at the bottom of the squat. Try 3 sets of 15 to start off with but if you can, aim for higher reps or even add some weight.


Lazy Girl Guid booty workout

Lazy Girl Guid booty workout











And it’s another type of squat, this one is a bit of an alternative to a lunge but with the added bonus of extra balance required. Place your foot up on a low wall or bench and with your knees in line with each other and feet not too far apart lower yourself down so your knee almost touches the ground then bring yourself back up. Aim for 3 sets of 15 on each leg. Alternating legs between each set.



Lazy Girl Guid booty workout Lazy Girl Guid booty workout












This exercise is great for stability and balance. Find a bench or seat somewhere where your knees aren’t too low or too high. Place one leg up in the air slightly so all your weight will be shifted to the other leg. Slowly push yourself up to a standing position. Try not to use the momentum of your body to haul yourself up, really focus on using your leg muscles to reach the standing position. Then, slowly lower yourself back down to the sitting position. Again, try 3 sets of 15 repetitions. If you find it a little hard to balance or the burn is too much just take it slow and break the reps down if need be.


BURPIESLazy Girl Guid booty workout

Everyone loves a burpie! If you want that J.Lo curve you’ve got to consider burning that little bit extra, plus burpies are great for over-all strengthening. Now the whole movement of a burpie is supposed to be quite fluid but can be difficult to get right the first few times. Starting in a standing position you want to them bring yourself down to a crouch with your palms flat on the ground. Then push your feet back so you’re in a plank then lower your chest down to the ground. Push yourself back up into the plank position, jump your feet forward then use that explosive energy to jump, then back to your standing position. If you tire easily you can skip the jump at the end of the burpie and just stand but aim for the best you can do! These photos aren’t flattering cause who the hell looks good doing a burpie! Who knows maybe a few more and I will burn off that second chin? Mix 3 reps of 10 in-between each set of single leg get-ups or squats and you’ll be ‘feeling yourself’ in no time :D

Good luck and let me know how you go!

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Photos by Belinda Wimpenny

Much love

MW x

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