Get Perfect Lashes With No Falsies In Sight!


I’m a bit of a lash treatment virgin, never having tried eyelash extensions or even lash tinting, so when the ladies at Haven Beauty Bar offered for me to try their new Lash Lift treatment I jumped at the chance! Here’s how it went down.

Haven Beauty’s lash lift treatment is a unique treatment that only takes about 20 minutes to complete and is a relatively comfortable process. My technician Meghan started off by giving my eyelids a quick cleanse to make sure they were prepped for the application then popped some pads under my eyes, on top of the bottom lashes and these small silicone rods on my closed eyelids, close to the lash line. Carefully she began applying a water-based adhesive to my eyelashes, taking care to ensure each lash was stuck to the silicone rod. This part did feel a little strange as you can feel the lashes being pulled up from the base and curled over the rod but there was no pain or stinging.



After leaving this to work for about 6 minutes or so Meghan then carefully removed the adhesive, leaving the silicone rods in place then applied the specially formulated perming formula, similar to what the oldies use for their perm jobs, this is also gentle on the eyes and didn’t cause any discomfort.  It really is the small touches that make a treatment like this all the more enjoyable, while the perming formula went to work giving me goddess-like eyelashes Meghan gave me the most amazing hand and arm massage, these ladies seriously know how to pamper!

To finish off the treatment Haven also tint your eyelashes to give them a little extra vavavoom. Finally I got a first look at my new lashes and they didn’t disappoint, they appeared longer, thicker and definitely had a beautiful curl to them! Check out my before and after shot below.


If you’ve thought about lash extensions maybe you should give this new lash lift a try first, the treatment takes a fraction of the time, there’s virtually no after care required.

Prices for the Lash Lift treatment vary depending on a few additional extras. The Lash Lift is available at the introductory price of $85, to enhance the lift further add on a lash tint for $20 or book in for the ultimate Deluxe Lash Lift Package at the Introductory price of $109 (Including Lash/Brow tint, Brow Sculpt and Lash Lift, including hand and arm massage).

Give the ladies at Haven Beauty Bar a call or check them out on facebook to see when they can fit you in next!

Haven Beauty Bar

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