Cutting Edge: The Personal Trainer Who Kicked My Ass

Happy hump day guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I just really wanted to tell you guys about something I did last week! I gave Muay Thai a crack! Sure, I’ve been working out but I wanted to change up my routine and take my fitness to the next level so when I heard this personal training studio in Brisbane was churning out crazy fit people I decided to check it out.

I met with Dean the owner of Cutting Edge Performance Centre last week at their studio in Milton. We ran through what my usual training is like, what my goals are and what I thought I could improve on before ploughing into our first session. I had no idea I was in for some serious ass whooping!

I went to the gym, am I sexy yet?


We started off with some light stretching before moving into some back squats and jumping lunges to fire up the legs and glutes! This got me ready to move on to the sumo deadlifts. I often do deadlifts at my gym however I’ve never done sumo before so that was a nice little challenge. I love the way Dean explained the movement, it’s more about pushing the ground away than lifting the bar. This really helped me get the technique down pat and I think I prefer these guys to the standard Romanian deadlift.

After chucking in some assisted chin ups and hamstring work Dean decided it was time to pull out the big guns and on went the gloves! I’ve done a bit of boxing before but learning how to throw in a few kicks and elbows really took the session to the next level! I found working with the bag the most challenging, he makes everything look so bloody effortless. ‘Float like a butterfly’ was going through my head with every kick but I definitely didn’t have that much grace, I’m thinking it was more akin to a new-born lamb but I sure as shit had one of the best workouts to date.

I can’t wait to see where training with these guys can take me, I’m sure I’ll be mistaken for ‘She-Hulk’ any day now.

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